Activities & services
Outdoor services & activities
In Koli National Park & North Karelia
In Spring/Summer
Guided Hike
From a couple of hours to a couple of days we will guide you through the hills and forests of North Karelia.

Paddeling Tour
Enjoy the Pielinen lake with us for a paddeling tour.

Cave Adventure
Discover the Way of the Rocks in the area of "The Devil's Church". 
Service also available in Winter time. 

Fishing Tour & Fishing Education
Lake Pielinen offers different kinds of fish. Join us on the adventure and let's try to catch a Pike Perch. 

Photography Tour
Koli Active loves photography. We do love to share our passion for beautiful images. Please find here our different offers to umprove your shots.

Paddeling Expedition
Enjoy spending during two or three days on Pielinen lake & Koli National Park. 
Please find here all the details of our expeditions.

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