A Kota is a traditionnal nordic country shelter to enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee close by a warm fire. Located in the Koli Village area, in the forest, it can be reached in twenty minutes walk from Ukko Koli or five minutes by car. Koli Active provides a Kota catering service for maximum 30 people.
Kota can also be rented for private events.
Please contact us for further information. 
Find below the menu possible in the Kota. 


   Karelian Pie & butter egg 8,00 € / person
Forest Mushroom & Black Bread 9,00 € / person 
Palsternakkakeitto & krutongit 9,00 € / person 
Kodan kala- & lihaleipäset, savuhärkä mustaherukka, savumuikku smetana 9,50 € / henkilö
Main Course

Salmon Soup 17 € / person 
Reindeer, rosemary and juniper berries, mashed potatoes, lingonberry jam, pickles
25 € / person 
Smoked salmon cooked on an open fire with dill, roast potatos, mushroom salad

Reindeer fillet, red wine lingonberry sauce,  pickles, campfire potatos, wild mushroom salad 48 € / henkilö 


Cooked cheese & cloudberry jam 7€/person
Apple pie & vanilla sauce, coffee and tea 7€/person
Mustikkakukko & vanillia sauce 8€/person
Coffee & tea is included.


Kota Picnic,
includes, sausages, Karelian pie and a sweet pie, coffee, tea... 25€/person

Location & wood for fire 50€ for 2 h. 50€ each next hour.

Price includes services, non-alcoholic drinks and water. 
Price include taxes. Service in Finnish, English, French,German, Spanish. 

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